How To Dress To Make Your Tummy Look Flatter?

It is said that if you don’t have a proper body shape, then most of the short dresses will not suit you. We all have a common problem nowadays, and it is to get bulky. And due to this reason we cannot wear whatever we like to put on.

Sometimes a lady is not fatty from top to bottom but she has got the fat over her belly. Suffering from this type of shape problem is a very common matter too. She cannot wear a sexy dress when there is no fat all over her body, but over the belly. So, for such women here are some tips to make tummy flatter and look beautiful with the dress.

1. If you are wearing tight tops and want to look beautiful being an owner of a fatty figure, then you are simply not going to able fulfill your hope. By wearing this type of tight clothes you simply draw the attention of the people on your fat bubbles instead of you and your gorgeous dress. Besides, you can put on those tops or clothes which are draped and help to hide your fat bubbles. However, you can also try out lace cocktail dresses in Australia for your cocktail party, these dresses will help you look slimmer as well as stylish.

2. Make a layer to hide your belly. If you do layering throughout your belly with the help of cardigan or jackets or some stoles it will look good. If you wear long lengthened clothes, like traditional lace cocktail dresses, then it is possible to make yourself look fabulous by hiding your belly. In this way you can also distract the notice of people from your belly. If you want slimmer look, then you can try a short haircut which will help to make more prominent the look.

3. While you have fat over your belly, then you can choose leggings to put on over your belly and you will look no longer fatty. Put it on under your tops or tunics and you will look beautiful. Then no one will be able to notice your fatty tummy.

4. Avoid the habit to tie belt or accessories that need to tie around the waist. When you do not have the slim belly, then there is no need to draw the attention of people to your tummy by wearing belts.

5. The dress you are putting on is not clinging around the tummy area; you must be sure about that. You may go for Asymmetrical dresses which suits you well to attract the attention over you more than your tummy.