Don’t Go Broke To Look Good

Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi, Hermes are some of the top brands when it comes to men’s designer clothing. An average Hermes suit would cost you a minimum of at least $7,449. Unless you are a millionaire who has no problem throwing your money at anything you see, do you really need to spend so much on clothing just because of a brand?

Brand name

Most of the clothing items in top designer brands are extremely expensive because of their brand name. These brands use the best quality material and pay attention to the slightest detail. After purchasing a branded item, it becomes a display of an individual’s social status and wealth.


If you need a reason as to why you should purchase branded clothes it is mainly because of its quality. These top brands make sure that their products are of superior quality as these are purchased by paying a premium price. Nothing good comes cheap; therefore a premium needs to be paid in order to make use of these quality products.TailoringIf you see a design at a high street shop that is too expensive for you to purchase, you can speak to your tailor and request for a quote for the design. You may be surprised to find out that it is much cheaper than the suit you saw at the shop. But, you cannot expect the exact replica and the exact quality mens clothes or any other colour you prefer. If you request your tailor to make your suit using the same material and same quality, the quote from your tailor might be more expensive than what you saw at the shop. However, you need to understand whether you are willing to throw your money away for a brand name where you can look quite the same by getting an outfit tailor – made using quality yet not so expensive material.


If you want to purchase some casual clothing items such as suit shop, at Hermes it will cost approximately $680-$700. Yes, your cargo pants are certainly branded and of good quality, but is it really worth the money when you can buy a pair of pants which is very similar from a shop for much less? As you are not going to wear this branded pair of pants for the rest of your life you need to look at options where you can buy good quality products which are quite similar to the branded products in other shops.The reason why many people purchase designer products is for the brand name. Designer products have become a display of a person’s wealth and status. These brands can even influence the thoughts and behavior of one person towards another. However, do we really need to spend $7,449 on suits that you will only wear a couple of times?

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