How To Impress Girls?

May be you like that certain girl but don’t know how to impress her. You can’t make her love you at once but if you take an attempt to impress her there is a chance that she might fall for you. Follow these simple steps. Take a shower once or twice a day to keep you fresh, take a wash in the morning use soap or body wash. Wash your hair you thoroughly, use a shampoo which has a good smell. Make sure you won’t give out a bad breath, by brushing your teeth twice a day morning and night. Also, use a mouthwash. During the middle of the day use chewing gums or breathe mints. Get a clean shave daily but if you want some facial hair trim to a uniform length. After having a shower use some deodorant or perfume which doesn’t smell too feminine and about the attire you should better look handsome try to buy clothes through online.
What about clothes?
Can girls be impressed by a man’s attire? Yes, definitely. Women are attracted to men who wear clean and branded clothes. Clothes play a major role when impressing a girl wash your clothes regularly. If you want good looking branded t-shirts jeans, jackets, shirts and other men’s wear you can look online for bassike stockists and purchase the clothes you want.
Know your manners.
Women like men who respect them. Be polite when you talk show that you respect her because respect is one of the main qualities a woman will look for in a man. Think twice before you slip anything out of your mouth, when you are around the girl you like try to avoid saying stupid things that will lower your personality. Avoid cracking up dirty jokes with your friends when she is there. Stop flattering other girls in front of her, you might think that she will get jealous but no, show that you are interested only in her. Compliment her whenever possible, it could be her smile, outfit hair or anything appreciate her all the time . Have a pleasant smile on your face and have some good eye contact too. Make time for her if she wants to talk but you are too busy at that time somehow make time to talk and don’t ever ignore her. Help her when she needs your help. 
Talk about the common interests you both have such as hobbies, movies etc. share secrets that is only between you both. Say funny things, tell her some really funny jokes which will make her laugh but make sure you won’t get too boring with the same old jokes. Gift her small presents because women love presents. Just make her feel special among others she will eventually fall for you.

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